Monday, October 3, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #1 "The Dead Room"

I only had time to watch one horror movie on the first day of October (if I wanted to get any sleep before work that night, that is) so I dinked around for awhile before finally picking this one.  It only had like two stars on Netflix, which doesn't always mean I won't like it (some of my favorite movies every year have bad ratings) and Amazon recommended it to me, but I can never tell with Amazon whether they seriously think I'll like a movie or they're just saying "hey, this movie is shit and you like shitty movies, check it out!" So what's the verdict?

This isn't the most original movie in the world.  It's about a haunted farmhouse so full of ghosts that the owners fled already (smarter than most people in horror movies who stay in the hunted ass house until they're all dead) and when the movie begins, a group of paranormal researchers have moved in to set up cameras and document the ghostly activity.  There's the older guy who doesn't believe in ghosts period, the younger guy who has a wife and kids at home hes just trying to support, and the younger goth chick who can feel the presence of ghosts and is there because she can see the ghosts behind the mysterious activity (a chair goes flying? Oh, that ghost guy just threw it.  He's right over there).

If you've watched many horror movies, you've seen everything this movie has to offer, but it's not terrible.  It does manage some chills here and there.  The characters mostly spend a lot of time bickering (especially mister "I believe in science, not ghosts" who is extremely annoying.  I wanted the ghosts to kill him after like twenty minutes.  Plus he was the one who kept convincing them to stay even after the ghosts get dangerous. I would have been out of there after one day and would have made a very boring movie). I ended up liking this one, even though it doesn't really win any awards for originality.  It wasn't a bad way to spend an hour and a half.

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