Saturday, October 29, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #85: "Mischief Night"

This was the second movie in my little double-feature of slasher flicks that I bought on Blu-ray especially for the horror movie challenge this year. Like the first movie, it's a cheesy movie, but one I expect to have a lot of fun with anyway. If nothing else, the picture quality is gorgeous and a lot better than I expected.

This movie is about a girl whose mother died in an accident many years , and she is so traumatized by her mother's death that she suffers from psychosomatic blindness. That definitely creeps me out, the idea that your mind can be so messed up that suddenly you're blind even though you aren't? Freaky! And a horror movie is scary enough when there's a killer stalking around, but it's twice as scary when you can't see the killer coming after her! Eeeek!

So the acting in this movie is better than I would have expected from a movie like this. All the main actors have been in several other movies and shows, so they have some serious acting chops between them. I like the characters, too. The dad trying to raise a teenage daughter, which is terrifying enough when the kid isn't blind. I like the daughter too. She's pretty self-aware for a teenager (might have something to do with the years of therapy she's been through) but she's a likeable kid, which makes the movie more enjoyable. I even like her doofus of a boyfriend. Movies like this are more fun when I give a crap about the characters involved. 

One of my biggest freak out triggers is when there's someone in the house behind a character and they don't know it. Do you know how many times I've thought I heard something behind me only to find there's nothing there? Do you know how quickly I'd pee my pants if there really WERE someone there? That fear is this movie in a nutshell. And if there's someone behind her she can't SEE! Hell, this movie manages to make broken glass on the floor seem terrifying, so there's no hope for my shot nerves here. I definitely enjoyed this movie. It's right up my alley. Now I might never sleep again, but it was worth it!

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