Sunday, October 9, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge#24: "The Den"

Netflix has been bugging me about this movie for over a year now. It's one I had wanted to ewatch last year but didn't get the chance. I was browsing around looking for something to watch today, and I stumbled acrossthis movie, and I noticed that while a lot if the movies Netflix recommends to me have a predicted rating if like one star ("we think you'll hate this, you should watch it!") this one had four stars, so they must have really thought I'd like it, so I gave it a chance.

The movie is about a woman who witnesses what might be a brutal murder online, and then feels like she's being stalked by a killer. I previously said that the movie "Unfriended" was the first movie to take place entirely on a computerscreen, but this one did that idea first (not entirely confined to one screen, but close).

This movie takes full advantage of our reliance on  computers and our fear if the unknown.  I totally never want to video chat with anyone again after watching this movie.  Sheesh.  The acting is good from everyone involved here.  The only caveats I had were some believability issues ( all the cops in this movie should be fired, it's seriously ridiculous) and the ending is kinda silly, but otherwise, this movie works.

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