Monday, October 17, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #51: "Baskin"

Boy does THIS seem to be a polarizing movie. For awhile there, everyone loved it and I heard nothing but good things. Now it seems a lot of people hate it and get really pissy about that (but then so do I when a movie that was supposed to be great disappoints me) so I don't know where I will fall in this spectrum, but this is one of the movies I've been most looking forward to watching this year.  We'll see.

I avoided spoilers like the plague with this one, so I didn't totally know what it was about coming in. Something something Turkish, somethings something women find themselves in a place full of suffering? In hell maybe? OK, that's enough, lalalalala I can't hear you!

Unfortunately I really have to wait to find out what this movie is about, because while the open sequence is great it doesn't tell me much, and I don't learn anything in the next thirty minutes except that Turkish cops are jerks ( well, these ones are, at least). And they seem to want to start a boy band or something, because I shit you not, there's like a whole five minute scene where they drive around singing along with the radio. Talk about suffering.

Once things finally start happening ( at what feels like about six hours into the movie) there are some creepy scenes. I could have sworn people said this movie was about a group of women, but no, just these dildobrain cops. Not the most sympathetic characters, these guys.

Whoever decided to describe this movie as people trapped in a land of suffering needs to be slapped. The only suffering here is mine as I have to watch these idiots wandeing around screaming threats at abandoned buildings. It takes for-fucking-ever for anything to happen, but there's some cool gore and depraved sickness once things do finally start happening.

I still say I did more suffering than these characters did. It's like there's 20 minutes of action here chopped up and scattered throughout this movie, which feels about a week long. I think the annoying repetitive scenes and slow wandering around are supposed to feel surreal and dreamlike, but instead they feel annoying and boring, like I'm trying to walk underwater but I only wish I were underwater, because then I'd be drowning and I wouldn't have to watch this movie anymore. It's a shame, too, because there's some really good stuff here, but it never comes together into a good movie as a whole.

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