Tuesday, October 11, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #33: "They're Watching"

This was one of those movies I was excited about checking out this year. Netflix only thinks I'd give it three stars, but I've heard some good buzz about this one, so I was hopeful that it would be a fem. I'm due for a good movie here soon.

Again, I avoided descriptions of this movie in order to avoid spoilers, but I did glean that there is a small town with a legend about witches and a TV crew who don't believe the legends. What I didn't know was that the TV crew is filming an episode of a show like House Hunters, and that a woman bought a run down house in the small town six months ago, and the TV crew is returning to film the "big reveal" and see what the woman has done to fix up the place.  This is kind of s pseudofound footage film, as theres music added to give the scenes more impact.

I like shows like "house hunters," so this was a fun idea for me to see. It was also a departure from the movies about crews of ghost hunters uncovering a real haunting. This crew didn't expect anything supernatural, so their plight is more sympathetic (even though they're not the most likeable people in the world).

The town is really creepy. It's totally believable that there are evil witches lurking around, or some kind of evil anyway. In my experience, witches aren't as evil as the people who hunt them, but who knows. My experience also tells me that it's a bad idea to travel to a small foreign town and mock all their customs, even if you're not in a horror movie, so I don't blame the town's people for not liking the crew. Bunch of jerks.

Plus they're just really stupid, too. If you know a town is suspicious about witches, abd they burned someone at the stake because they thought she was a witch, why would you yell out and call someone a witch in front of them? If you ever need to feel smarter, just think about the characters in this movie.

I had my theory about what was going on in this movie, but it turned out that i was wrong and everything was a little more simple than I thought.  The movie drags a lot more than it should for being so short, but once it gets going things get sufficiently scary. There are some really good moments throughout the movie that make it worth a watch, even though the characters aren't very sympathetic and it stretches believability that they would keep filming through all that goes on.

Plus things get really silly at the end.  Yes, I realize this is allegedly a comedy, but it's not funny, and it's like it isn't even trying to be funny until the end.  If there are supposed to be other joke before that, they fall really flatt and are unrecognizable as jokes, at least to me, so it's just annoying. I mean, i guess I'm glad I checked it out, but I won't be writing home about it anytime soon.

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