Thursday, October 27, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #80: "The Abandoned (2015)"

This movie is about an abandoned building that was supposed to be a fancy housing project, but now sits empty. Guards are hired to watch the building at night and keep squatters and vandals away. A woman is hired as one of the night guards. She is trying to get her life together and provide for her daughter. Unfortunately, the building houses mysterious, evil secrets that begin to haunt her.

The new woman works with another guard who'sbeen there awhile, and he's a complete dick. I really wanted to stab his annoying ass. It seems like our main character is struggling to control her anger, so it probably won't help that she has to work with a total dickface. Though she doesn't seem like she's the easiest person to get along with either. Plus she's not very good at respecting rules (or locks).

The atmosphere in the movie is really spooky. I don't work in a creepy abandoned building, but if I did and the walls kept whispering at me, the last thing I would want to do would be to go exploring. That's just me, though. Clearly she has other ideas, and she can't count on dickface to help her out if things get dangerous, so, you know, not a great idea. It dies get really creepy though, even if it's kind of her own fault for getting herself into that situation. The movie uses the inherent creepiness of the building to its own advantage, and while most if the scares are cheap jump scares, they work. This movie isn't great, but I did enjoy it.

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