Tuesday, October 18, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #55: "The Hours till Daylight"

From the sounds of this title and the look of the movie poster, this movie was trying to harken back to the horror movies of the 80s. I remember seeing the horror movie covers in the video store as a kid, and how the covers and the titles drew me in and made me want to see the movies, so I appreciated this reminder. This movie seems to have gotten low ratings, but the plot sounds good, so I'm hopeful.

The movie is about a young man who experienced years of fear and torture in his family's haunted house when he was a K d, and now that he's about to start a family if his own, he wabts to put an end to this evil once and for all. The scenes of his childhood are creepy enough, and I like the young man, Marco, well enough, so the movie pulled me in from the beginning.

The problem isn't that the idea behind the movie is bad, it's that the acting is kind of off. It feels a little wooden, and the characters keep referencing what the family went through like it's something terrible, but nothing happens for most of the movie. We know Marco and his sister are afraid of the dark and that there's some kind of presence haunting them, and there are hints that it might have followed Marco into his life now, but they never explain what it is or how going back to the house where he grew up will help stop it.

Most of the movie is a jumbled mess, with random stuff happening that doesn't seem to be leading toward any conclusion. It's frustrating. Originally I thought I knew what was going on, then I decided no, that must not be it because that doesn't make any sense, but it turns out that nope, I was right and that IS what's going on. I guess no one but me cares that it doesn't make sense. Plus as the movie goes on, Marco becomes less and less likeable, until I wanted to throw him off a cliff. This movie could have been good, it had some good ideas, but it winds up being just a jumbled, annoying mess.

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