Saturday, October 29, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #82: "Goodnight Mommy"

I'm finally getting to watch this movie. This is one if the movies I was most looking forward to seeing this year. It's gotten almost universal acclaim from everyone, but I've been trying so hard to avoid spoilers that I know almost nothing about the movie going in. I know it's about twin boys who live with their strict mother, who seems to be ill, and who has bandages covering her face. And that's it, that's really all that I know. I was afraid to even read descriptions of the movie, because people have to spoil everything these days so I'm paranoid and I can't trust anyone. It's almost like living in the X Files, I swear.

Right from the beginning, I can tell the movie is hiding things from me, and my brain automatically starts trying to figure them out, and I've seen so many horror movies that the possibilities are almost endless. The movie is filmed beautifully. The secluded house the family lives in is surrounded by gorgeous nature that kind of makes me want to move there ( if this creepy family weren't already living there; I don't really trust them).

The problem with movies like this is that it's hard to know what to describe in the review, because everything I say feels like I'm giving something away. Maybe I should just be like the dipshits who spoil everything. It would simplify my life greatly.

I will say that while I kind of saw it coming, the twist still surprised me, and there's more than one twist, and they kind of cone one after the other, rapid fire style. I guess I'm saying that even if you think you know what's going on, seeing it happen might still get to you. It did me. In the end, this is a creepy little messed up movie that might make you think twice about ever having kids.

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