Thursday, October 6, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #17: "Jack Frost 2"

Why did I decide to watch this movie? I keep asking myself that question, since the original movie was just plain bad.  And not "so bad it's funny," but "so bad I wanted to claw my eyes out with shards if broken glass so I wouldn't have to watch it anymore." Poo. But I have a migraine today, so u feel like I won't be able to give any movie my full attention, so I don't want to waste a good movie while my brain is mush.  So this is where we find ourselves.

Right away I can tell this movie has an even lower budget than the first one (great, so they have even less to spend on a plot than the original, and we saw how that turned out).  I will say that the acting didn't bother me as much this time around. Maybe everyone relaxed a bit, or maybe my negative expectations helped.

Maybe it's the drugs talking ( ha, I wish I had some drugs) but this movie was more fun than the original.  Yeah, it's asinine, but everyone seems to be having more fun with this one.  What's the plot? Um, well the mutant killer snowman, through a process that you don't need to know about, travels to a tropical island to prey on random vacationers and to get revenge on the cop from the first movie.

 As the movie goes it just keeps getting dumber, but in a way that was a lot more fun to watch than the first one. By the time we discover that the killer snowman can hatch little killer snowballs (I can't believe I just typed that) I had laughed out loud more than once, which I count as a bonus considering the original didn't make me laugh at all.  Yes, this movie is idiotic, but I enjoyed it more than I ever expected to.

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