Friday, October 14, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #42: "Honeymoon"

I stumbled across this movie while dinking around looking for something to watch. The plot sounded intriguing enough, so I checked it out. Thus is one of those rare movies that seems to have some well with critics but not so well with fans. I already found one negative review that praised most of the movie but said it fell apart at the end. That seems to be the general consensus among those who've seen this movie, but I don't totally agree, though I get why people are annoyed.

The movie centers on a newlywed couple who travel to the wife's (Bea) family cabin for a secluded honeymoon. Doesn't sound like much fun to me, and I would argue that I have a point given what happens, but that's just me. Anyway, things start out well enough, with cute little spats about how the husband (Paul) isn't the outdoorsy type, but after a few days, things begin to get strange. Bea starts acting weird and Paul gets increasingly scared by her behavior.

First I'd like to say that the description of this movie on Netflix is a huge ass fucking lie. Not even close, guys. I realize you want to keep people in the dark, but I just managed to give a brief description of the actual plot without spoiling anything and without lying through my teeth. Sheesh. Anyway, the acting in this movie is very good, and I think the plot us handled well, with little spooky moments here and there that creep me out and add to the sense of dread.

Si what's so bad about the movie? Well, the music almost made my ears bleed a few times. There was this screechy noise that was supposed to indicate that something was wrong, and it sounded like ten cats being tortured while a thousand people ran their nails down a chalkboard.  It could have been done better, is what I'm saying. Plus Paul takes way too long to realize something is seriously wrong, and when he dies he seems to freak out about all the wrong things and STILL not realize they should leave. Dude.

The main thing that I think pisses people off, though, is how little were told what is going on, even in the end. I mean, I threatened nk I know what happens, but there's a lot of reading between the lines involved. I kinda like movies that don't infodump all over my face and over explain things, but what is a sense of mystery for me can be a sense of "what the fuck just happened" to everyone else.

 The movie is dark and murky ( and I mean that both literally and figuratively, sometimes it's hard to see) and while I liked that technique, it seems to have pissed more than a few people off. In the end, I liked the movie and it's strange little mystery, but left a lot of people in the dark.

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