Tuesday, October 18, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #56 "The Witches"

After a few disappointing movies in a row, I threw a hissy fit and decided to watch a movie that I knew would be good. I realize that I am allegedly a grown adult and that this is a kids movie, but I don't care, kid's horror movies are rare, but when they're done well they can be a real treat.

This movie  is about a young boy who goes to live with his grandmother after his parents die. His grandmother tells him tales of witches lurking around the world looking for children to steal ( damn grandma, way to terrify the kid) and he discovers that the stories are true and he must defeat the witches.

I love Angelica Houston, and she's perfectly evil in this movie.  It was also fun seeing a young Rowan Atkinson here, and Jason Fisher, the actor who plays the young boy, dies a good job too. The witches were creepier when I was a kid, but they're still fun to watch now, and watching them peel their faces off is still gruesome and creepy. I miss kids movies like these that weren't afraid to depict evil as truly evil like this and not sanitized for a wider audience. This movie was a lot of fun, and exactly what I needed to see today.

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