Thursday, October 20, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #59: "Hayride"

Every single thing about this movie sounds awesome.  I mean, seriously, it's about a killer who escapes custody and hides in a family's haunted Hayride. Doesn't that sound like the coolest premise ever? (You in the back, don't roll your eyes at me, no one asked you). It sounds like a movie *I* would love, at least, so even though every review gave this movie negative two million stars, I remain hopeful.

It's clear that this movie is ultra low budget, which doesn't bode well, but the opening sequence is cool and the acting from the leads isn't too bad, as these things go. A young man is returning home for Halloween, which his family takes very seriously. They run a haunted Hayride every year, and the young guy is bringing his girlfriend to meet the family for the first time, except now there will be a real killer stalking the ride. Eeeek!

Dude, the guy who plays the lead detective is hot! He's not a bad actor, either. Score! Actually no one in this movie is bad, considering how low budget it us. I've seen much worse acting in big budget movies. Plus the Halloween atmosphere is spooky and fun, and who can beat the creepy fun of a slasher movie set in a haunted Hayride? This isn't the pinnacle of cinematic genius or anything, but it's a fun little slasher movie. I dug it.

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