Friday, October 7, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #19: "Puppet Master 4"

The puppet master movies are odd to  in that the first movie us pretty awful and so is the second, but the third one is actually a decent movie.  Very rarely do movies get BETTER as the numbers increase, but I watched part 5 last year and I enjoyed that one as well, so I was hopeful that this movie would be decent.

The beginning of the movie is pretty cheesy, but it gets slightly better from there. Scientists are working on robots who can perform tasks much like the evil puppets can (only with less evil). Actually, it kind of reminds me if Trilogy of Terror 2, which I saw when it aired when I was 15, where the scientist is in her lab and she winds up coming across an evil doll ( well, in this case a puppet, but it moves on its own so same diff).

Any time the movie flashes back to the underground evil lair, things get silly again, but the rest of the movie isn't bad. I like the idea if someone finding the puppets and learning how to animate them and then experimenting with that power.  It's too bad we have to keep returning to the underground chamber of silly looking evil monsters and we can't focus on the things that make the movie interesting, because that would have been a pretty cool movie.

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