Friday, October 7, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #21: "Hush"

Netflix has been bugging me to watch this movie for months, and it was hard to hold out until Octobe, but I must suffer for my art, alas, alack and so forth. Sometimes Netflix hedges their bets when they recommend movies to me, and they're like " here, watch this, we think you might give it three stats!" But with this one, they predicted I'd give it five stars. All this hype serves to show that I had sky high expectations going onto this movie, and I hoped it wouldn't disappoint me.

And it didn't! I loved this movie. The premise isn't completely original: a deaf, mute woman who lives out in the middle of nowhere is stalked by a killer.  The movie plot did bring to mind "Eyes of a Stranger" and "Wait Until Dark," but those are both good movies, si this one doesn't lose a myth ng by the comparison.

The characters are very likeable, too. I Exoected not to like the main character, but she shows teal grit and determination and fights back against evil, which inspires me. The actor who plays the killer is perfect. Really nails that "bored backwoods guy who bathes in testosterone every night" kind of vibe ( abd I'm not just being a dick, he really does a good job).

 They both do a good job, actually. This kind of movie that relies so heavily on the performance of two actors can easily fall apart if one of the actors isn't engaging enough, and there's no sign of that here, just a cold hearted killer and his prey, being strong because she has to be.  It was great. I loved it.

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