Monday, October 3, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #6: "Estranged"

So this is a movie that Amazon recommended to me which sounded creepy and mysterious, so I really wanted to watch it, and I was happy when it became available for streaming on Netflix. After watching a less than stellar movie, I was hoping this one would be good.

The premise of this movie is that a woman suffers a terrible accident and loses the use of her legs as well as most of her memory.  She returns to the home and family she left behind (though she now can't remember why) looking for answers.  Her family us creepy and old fashioned and secretive, and she suspects they must be hiding something horrible.

Man, and you thought your family was messed up.  These people make even screwed up families look like the Waltons.  They are oppressive and strict and so certain that their ways are the right ways that my skin wanted to crawl off before the movie was half over.

The feeling of dread hanging over everything  in this movie is almost unbearable. I wanted something, anything to happen just to put an end to the suspense. I mean, she was estranged for a reason, so her family must be hiding something awful, right?  I'm impressed with movies that can freak me out this badly by making me imagine what horrible things must be lurking around the corner.

Abd that's the worst part, it never lets up. This movie just keeps getting more and more fucked up, making me want to vomit more and more with every revelation, while simultaneously making me want to I pull all my hair out because I still didn't really know what was going on.  That really does take talent, as much as this sounds like a backhanded compliment.  The actors do a great job making me feel like I had taken a bunch of drugs and the world didn't make sense anymore. It really is a fucked up, tragic little gem.  Definitely the best movie I've watched yet this year.

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