Thursday, October 27, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #79: "Kristy"

I've been waiting for awhile to watch this movie. It got lots of praise for a movie of its kind, which we all knowddoesn't mean that I will necessarily like it, but it is a good sign. I like slashers, and it sounds like this movie will be a slasher (though it's hard to tell when I ran screaming away from any possible spoilers for the movie, so I'd know as little as possible before I saw it).

The movie is about a girl who is NOT named Kristy (bet you never would have guessed that, huh?) She's in college, spending some time alone around Thanksgiving break studying while everyone else is away with their families. The emptyd dorm is even creepier right now, because it seems that there might be someone trying to scare her or maybe even kill her. Bummer, right?

I spent holiday breaks alone on or near campus while I was in college, too, so I can attest to the creepiness of the empty dorms. This gives the movie a great atmosphere, and there's something about a killer whistling the tune "Jesus Loves Me" that makes that song terrifying. I also dig the main character. She's tough, but she's also kind to people, so that makes me even more sympathetic to her plight. Plus it's really creepy to have killers who are apparently so obsessed with someone named "Kristy" that they run around killing women and calling them by her name. Dude. I've known lots if jerks named "Justin," but I'm not going to kill a bunch of people and call them "Justin." What would that help?

No one ever tried to kill me while I was on break from college, luckily, but this movie did transport me back to that time and get under my skin, so I have to respect it for that. This one was definitely worth a watch.

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