Wednesday, October 12, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #36: "The Ones Below"

I've been doing pretty well with movies Netflix has recommended lately, so this one seemed good and creepy. After looking it up online, I see that it has pretty good reviews, which makes me hopeful for a creepy foot time.

The plot even sounds creepy. A couple expecting their first child befriends their new downstairs neighbors who are also expecting their first baby. Soon the relationship takes a sinister turn. I've had creepy neighbors in the past, so I wanted to see how this one turns out. Having babies involved makes everything even more tense for me, given the terrible things that usually happen to characters in these movies. I feel bad for the babies who are about to experience whatever horror awaits here.

Everyone in this movie creeps me out.  Of course it's the whackado neighbors that were supposed to worry about, but everyone has something that seems off about them. The married couple who are the main characters kind of seem tense with each other, the woman has problems with her mother who really is cold and unfeeling. All this tension plus the freaky downstairs neighbors make the movie really unnerving.

I was on pins and needles waiting for something to happen to break the damn tension, and then when things started happening I wanted them to stop. Guess there's no pleasing me with a movie like this.  The acting us good, the plot is good, and the movie is full of tension and horror. Thus one is well worth a watch.

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