Friday, November 5, 2010

The Collector

This movie actually has a somewhat original premise: a burglar breaks into a house, but unbeknownst to him, a serial killer is already inside. People keep comparing these movies to the "Saw" movies, but really, there aren't that many similarities. So both movies feature torture, big deal, the premise for the two movies couldn't be more different. Jigsaw in the Saw movies was at least ostensibly trying to teach his victims about valuing their lives. the killer in "The Collector" doesn't give a shit what his victims take away from his killings, he does this as a hobby. A gory, nasty, disgustingly icky and creepy hobby. I won't spoil this any further. Give it a watch. It's worthwhile.


This movie is disturbing. I know, shocker, right? It's supposed to be disturbing. but a lot of movies that are supposed to be disturbing are just dull and annoying (with filmmakers drowning in their own smug arrogance) and this one is different. I refuse to read any interviews with the filmmakers, because if I read and find out they're a bunch of arrogant assholes I might change my mind about the movie...right now I'm teetering on the edge of "great and disturbing" and "exploitative garbage" and I don't want a push. Seriously though, some of the disgusting crap in this movie even got to me, and disgusting crap usually doesn't, so be warned if you want to see this. Unlike every other reviewer, I'm not going to give away everything that happens in the movie (I'm looking at YOU, Netflix) so you'll just have to find out for yourself.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Movie Update

Well, I only watched 11 horror movies this year, but I had fun.

Happy Halloween everyone!