Tuesday, October 4, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #13: "JAWS 3D"

And we continue with our shark-a-thon by watching the third movie in the series.  At least they were smart enough to make the third movie the 3D one, not the seventh, which was annoying and confusing ( yes, I'm looking at you, Saw franchise).

I'm disappointed that I can't watch this movie in 3D the way it was intended, so a bunch of things will come flying at the screen, but they won't come out of the screen to scare me like they would if I had access to 3D. At least this movie has the sense to be an hour and a half long, not 4654475544 hours long like the second movi, though. Not everything has to be an epic, guys.

This movie is pretty silly.  A killer shark attacks  a new Sea World park when it opens.  People get eaten.  The acting is OK, but people are clearly not trying as hard as they were in the second movie.  They know the shark is the real star of this show. The characters are really just here to serve as window dressing (and to make stupid decisions that further the plot, such as "hey, let's trap a vicious killer shark and keep it cooled up as an attraction at our park! What could possibly go wrong?") The movie does drag a bit, but it's OK.  I've seen better, but I've definitely seen worse.

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