Monday, October 10, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #30: "Shock"

I guess I wasn't done watching Vincent Price movies yet.  There's somethingabout his voice that is soothing even when he plays a bad guy.  Its kind of creepy.

In this movie, a woman witnesses something horrible outside the hotel where she's staying, and it sends her into a shock that no one can snap her out of. That idea is creepy on its own, losing your mind and not being able to get it back? Brrr, creepy.

 Plus I've never trusted psychiatrists, at least not in horror movies, since there are so many evil ones in these movies who Jeep doing evil things. I have to say that hough, Lyn Bari's character is even creepier than Vincent Price's. Good lord, woman, get a conscience. This is a dark and creepy little movie that was a nice break from the fire fest I've been having today.

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