Monday, October 31, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #96: "Billy Club"

Dude, isn't this poster cool? The poster might be better than the movie.  Hahahahaha OK just kidding, but I really like this poster and kind of want to hang it on my wall. So I'd never heard of this movie before today, but the description sounded really cool, and I'm in the home stretch of the challenge now, so I decided to try something new. We'll see if it was worth it.

So this movie is about a group of little league kids whose season is abruptly cut short by a gruesome triple homicide. 15 years later, 4 friends from the team reunite for a camping trip to commemorate the deaths of their friends. Unfortunately, there's a psychotic killer in an umpire's mask wielding a baseball bat full of nails and looking to get even. That's a really cool weapon, seriously, so I'm impressed. There's also a really cool baseball kill later on in the movie.

This movie took forever to grab my attention. OK, like a half hour, which seemed really long to me. There are some murders before that time, and they're kind of cool I guess, but it's not until the group if friends are gathered around the campfire reminiscing that I really started to care about what was going on. I know, I'm a jerk, but I'm 96 movies in at this point, so it takes a lot to impress me. I actually didn't like most of the characters, which I guess works out, since most of them get killed. As the movie goes on, secrets are revealed, and we find out why the murders are probably happening. I have to say, I don't feel very sympathetic for the victims here. Only one of the characters, Alison, seems to have a conscience and actually regret what happened when they were kids. Jerks. Plus the movie was more awkward and plodding than funny, which annoyed me.

Sometimes I like to read Wikipedia after I'm done watching a movie  and before I write the review, just to see if it changes my perspective at all. This just really confused me, though, because the ending I saw on Amazon Video totally doesn't match the one Wikipedia describes, which actually sounds better than what I just watched. I can't find anything online about there being an alternate ending or whatever, but I did find one other blogger who noticed the same thing I did, so I'm not crazy ( well, much). This movie wasn't as cool as I hoped it would be, though. Maybe the poster *is* better than the movie?

If you want to check out the other guy's review, it's here: Metal Misfit's "Billy Club" review  His whole blog is pretty cool, so check it out.

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