Sunday, October 23, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #62: "Hayride 2"

It was inevitable that I would watch this movie this year, since I finally got to check out the first one and this sequel has been floating around Netflix for a few years now. I really liked the original movie. It wasn't the best movie ever made it whatever, but it was a fun little slasher that played with the idea of small town secrets and plenty of Halloween ambiance.

They definitely pick this story up right after the ending of the original movie like "Halloween 2" did. It looks like they maybe had a bigger budget this time around, since the picture quality is better, but not so much that it ruins things. This movie should be gritty and not too slick. It adds to the experience.

This movie picks up where the first left off, telling the story of the killer who stalks a haunted Hayride on Halloween, picking off unsuspecting customers, and using the opening credits to show what happened in the first movie. This time around, the killer is not quite dead and still wants revenge in all those who escaped him in the first movie.

Hot cop makes a return appearance (swoon) as well as the guy and his girlfriend who were the main characters last time around, and the movie shows more emotion than the first one since we have more of a connection with the characters. Again, it's not perfect, but it's a fun little slasher that I enjoyed a lot.

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