Saturday, October 29, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #86: "Sinister II"

The original "Sinister" was one of my favorite movies from a few years ago. I really liked it but didn't think it has scared me...until I tried to go to sleep later, that is. The movie is creepy and nasty and mean-spirited, and it has haunted me ever since I watched it. P.S. I'm never having kids.

This movie, like the original, concerns strange murders that wipe out families, and a shadowy figure as "Mr. Boogie" who compels kids to follow him like a Pied Piper. Kids are scary anyway. I mean, I love them, but they can be really freaky if they want to, and in these movies, they are. In this movie, a chase scene through a grocery store introduces us to a woman and her two kids who appear to be afraid of someone or something. I like Shannyn Sossamon, the actress who plays the woman, so it was good seeing her in this movie.

One of the young boys seems extra sensitive to the fact that something otherworldly is going on. Just like in the first movie, kids are the only ones who knowwhats really going on. This gives the movie plenty of opportunities to freak me out with creepy vision, some of which look like grainy video of past events, lots of spooky music, and groups of weird little kids staring at the camera. Screw HAVING kids, I'm never babysitting again either.

This is the third movie I've watched today where "Night if the Living Dead" was playing in the background at some point. I appreciate the nod to horror movie history, especially since that film was notorious in its day for showing a little kid attack and kill her parent. A reminder that kids have been creepy throughout the ages. Of course, there's some mystery shrouding the Mr. Boogie legend and how it's connected to this family, and it's fun to try and unravel the mystery as I watch. It's not as good as the original, but I liked this one.

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