Monday, October 31, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #101: "Paranormal Activity: the Ghost Dimension"

I watched this movie last year on Halloween as well. It became sort of a tradition on Halloween to watch the latest Paranormal Activity movie, started when I scared myself into a heart attack watching the third movie in theaters. The third one is still my favorite, too, but I like this one as well. For the sixth movie in a series, it was better than it had any right to be.

It seems to drag a bit in the beginning, watching it now, but there are some creepy moments. I like the new little girl. Kids can be creepy, and that was probably my favorite part about the third movie, the creepy little girls. This one is kind of a direct sequel to the third movie, opening with the family finding the box of tapes and the camera from the third film. The dad of the family plays around with the camera, not realizing it will somehow link him to the demon from the third film, and will allow the girls from the third film to connect with his daughter. Spooky!

This movie got to me again like it did when I first saw it. There were some good scares, some freaky jump shots, and a creepy little girl chanting in front of a mirror. Everything you need to make a good scary movie, right? I like seeing the dad and uncle first get caught up in the "fun" of investigating a possible haunting, to getting more and more terrified as the evil closes in on them. Thats what attracted me to all these movies, seeing regular people slowly being infected by evil. It's definitely not perfect, but this series of films was pretty consistently good from start to finish.

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