Monday, October 17, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #47: "Zoombies"

So while I was trying to type the name of this movie, autocorrect kept trying to change it to "zombies" for me. No autocorrect, I meant what I said. I'm the type of person who would watch a movie called "Zoombies." This is one of those movies from Asylum pictures, who are known for crappy knock-off movies that cash in on the name recognition of more famous films. All of their movies are pretty terrible, but they can sometimes be entertaining under the right circumstances. I hope I find some of those circumstances today.

So this movie is about a big zoo that's trying to open and make lots of money, but the animals keep getting sick and dying, so one of the scientists in the lad decides to use a serum to bring back one of the dead monkeys, because how could that possibly go wrong, and suddenly there's an outbreak of zombie animals chowing down on people.

The movie is ridiculous, and the acting is pretty bad, too, but the movie did have its charms. It's gory and nasty, which can be fun, plus I didn't really like the characters, so it was kinda fun seeing them get eaten. This isn't a good movie by any means, but I did enjoy it to some extent for its cheesy charms.

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