Wednesday, October 5, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #14: "Jaws The Revenge"

People seem to universally agree that this, fourth Jaws movie, is the worst.  Here, a giant great white shark is personally targeting Ellen Brody, the wife from the first two Jaws movies.  It's pissed that her husband killed so many of its relatives/friends, and now it wants revenge. There also seems to be some kind of psychic connection between her and the shark; she kniws when it's coming to attack ( kind of like her husband did in the second movie).

I guess this is silly, but really, I've seen  much dumber plot twists in other movies, so it really doesn't seem that bad to me.  I mean, obviously this isn't a great movie or anything, but it was OK.  I liked it better than the third one. At least interesting things happen throughout the course of this movie, unlike the third where nothing happens for like ten hours ( or maybe it just felt that way to me).

The plot is ridiculous, of course.  Ellen Brody is tired of sharks chowing down on her family, so she moves away, but a pissed off great white shark follows her, and she has to defeat it once and for all.  I'm kind of leery if both sharks and drowning, so movies like this will always interest me, even if they're bad.  It's silly fun to watch.

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