Wednesday, October 26, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #77: "Most Likely to Die"

Si this is supposed to be a slasher in the trend of sleazy 80s slashers, which as we all know I love, so I had high hopes when I put it on. It's about a group of people gathering for their high school reunion who are being killed one by one. As if reunions aren't stressful enough on their own without throwing a killer into the mix.

 Unfortunately, none of the characters are very likeable, but I guess that could be considered fortunate, since we all know they're going to be dying soon anyway. This is going to sound like I'm being a dick, but the opening credits of the movie are seriously pretty cool. Footage if high school events is shown over blood splattered yearbook photos with horror movie music playing and it really does set the scene better than anything else in the movie, which falls kind of flat as far as characterization and plot are considered.

OK, that was kinda mean. Heather Morris is in this movie, and I do like her as an actress, and her character in this movie actually has some depth, so I suppose she's not bad. Actually, once things actually start happening, the acting seems to get a bit better. Maybe they all needed something to focus on. And since slasher movies are my one true love, I can have fun with them even if they're bad. This doesn't break any new ground or anything ( though there are two whole gay characters, so yay) but I didn't hate it.

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