Monday, October 17, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge#48 "Cub"

This is a French movie that seems to have been given a lot of positive buzz. I gotta give it to the French, man, those fuckers come up with some messed up horror movies. Year after year, some of the best, most messed up movies I see are French horror movies, so I had high hopes for this one.

The plot surrounds a patch of woods that are said to be home to a creature, half boy, half wolf. People have died there, so a boy scout troop decides that would be a great place to set up camp. Seems legit. This troop has a lot of problems. They're kinda rag-tag and the other boys like to bully the resident outcast, a strange, quiet boy who is the only one who claims to have seen the creature stalking their camp.

There's some good and gruesome gore here, and the movie maintains a creepy atmosphere. I don't like a lot of the characters. They're either bullies or kind of stupid, and the strange outcast boy (Sam) is kinda weird. Even after he knows enough to know that what's going on at the camp is dangerous, he doesn't really do much of anything. The movie is trying to trick us, methinks, but I figured out its plan early on. It was still a tense watch, though. No camping for me for awhile.

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