Monday, October 17, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #52: "Invoked"

I don't know much about this movie. The poster is really cool, and it seems to have gotten some good reviews, but Netflix predicts I'll only give this one star. It is a found footage flick though, and people seem to be tired of those, but I still like them if they're good, so there's a good chance I'll like it. If nothing else, it's unlikely this movie will get all "high concept" and try to preach at me for hours like the last movie I watched, so that's a plus.

Thisovie jumps into the "found footage" setup with both feet. The movie begins by telling us this footage is evidence in the disappearance of these people and that it was leaked to the public. After that, we see the police video of them investigating the complaint of a disturbance and they find an abandoned buildings with signs of a party and this camera left behind.  Oooh, creepy.

The footage does look authentic. It's like a bunch of goofy teens recorded their drunken party. They all do well with their performances though, so I believed them. It does take a long time for anything scary to happen. I get that they wanted to develop the plot, but ugh, kinda boring folks. Once they realize they've summoned something, though, things start to get creepy (and they do some stupid why do they always try to talk to evil spirits in these in movies? Don't they realize that it never ends well when they do that in movies like this?)

Alas, it still takes way too long for anything really scary to happen. I mean creaking doors and footsteps can be scary, but this is a horror movie, that alone ain't gonna cut it, and  when the characters aren't even scared enough by that crap to stop partying, it isn't going to scare us, either. I mean, the characters in the movie even say "boooooring," which should indicate to you that the movie isn't scary enough. The movie works when things actually happen, but it just doesn't happen often enough to keep the movie from being anything but dull. Pity, I really wanted to like this one.

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