Monday, October 17, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #46: "Sweet Home"

After having an unmotivated day where I decided I never wanted to watch another movie ever ever ever, I'm back on the horse with this movie. The poster thinks it will draw in more viewers by connecting it to the movie [rec]...and they are correct, because that's exactly why I decided to watch it. I'm nothing if not predictable, I guess.

I don't know much about this movie, just that it's about a real estate agent who decides to use one of her empty properties for a romantic night with her boyfriend, not knowing that there are some killers lurking around. It's a good setup. Whatever possessed her to think this was a good idea I'll never know, because it doesn't sound remotely fun even without the killers present. Weirdo.

The opening sequence of this movie is actually quite good. I always appreciated the song "Silent Night" and it's ability to be either sweet or creepy, depending on the circumstances. The acting is pretty good, too, so I con forgive the main characters being idiots who are doing a stupid thing. Such is the stuff of which good slasher flicks are made, right?

As the movie goes on, we see that the cute couple are having problems in their relationship, which all get pushed to the side when they're suddenly fighting for their lives. The killers have a particularly nwan- spirited motivation, and the scenes with our heroes trying to hide from the killers are tense and unnerving. This was a good little movie all in all, and in glad I gave it a chance.

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