Saturday, October 29, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #84: "All Hollow's Eve"

Yay, I love me some slashers! I was excited to buy a double feature of cheesy slashers that were only available together like this on Blu-ray. I mean, I *did* buy a Blu-ray player this year, and yet I still don't own that many Blu-ray discs, so I was happy to get to add to my collection with this, and these were definitely some of tbe movies I was most looking forward to seeing this year. Win-win!

Not to sound like a geek or anything, but even with a cheese slasher like this that obviously wasn't terribly concerned with production quality, I can notice a difference in the picture quality with this being a Blu-ray. Ooh, so clear, so shiny! Anyway, this movie is about a woman babysitting some kids on Halloween night (dude, do these people never watch movies so they don't know this is a bad idea?) The kids find a mysterious video tape and decide to watch it, and it winds up being a scary movie with a killer clown. I would be stoked!

I like that even though this is a low-budget slasher, the movie makes an effort to have some continuity. For example, when the kids find the video tape, the babysitter sends them out if the room first so she can preview it and make sure it's OK for them to watch. It's a small thing, but it rings true, and it adds a touch of realism to the proceedings. The killer clown is pretty creepy too, and what he dies with his victims is kind of inventive. I watch a lot of these movies, so I appreciate small details that set the apart. This isn't cinematic genius or anything, but it was a fun little movie.

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