Wednesday, October 26, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #72: "House of Good and Evil"

To be honest with you, I was hoping for a simpler horror movie experience with this movie, a movie that wasn't so self-aware and snarky that it felt like it had its own built in rifftrax, making snide remarks the whole way through before I even had a chance to. That can be fun, but it can also be depressing and exhausting, so I was hoping for a good old scary movie this time around.

This movie is about a couple who suffer the loss of a baby and move into an isolated house, hoping that some time in the country and some solitude will help heal their broken hearts. Of course, as with all movies like this, the house is haunted by something evil lurking in the shadows. I don't know why devastated couples mourning a loss always think it's a good idea to move into a creepy old house anyway. Don't they watch movies?

They seem to spend a lot of time sniping at each other, but I know that the death of a child can be a great strain on a marriage, so it's kind of expected. The house is out in the middle of nowhere, and the movie manages to portray a great sense of isolation, even before anything creepy happens. Things do get creepy eventually, though. Ccreepy and irritating. Never before did I realize how annoying the sound of a ringing telephone coyld be. My poor, poor ears.

The characters aren't exactly what is called likeable. They seriouslysoend half the movie fighting over whether or not there really was a phone ringing (there was, trust me, it was almost as annoying as you two). They argue about everything, actually, and it's hard to like them when I'm sitting here wishing something bad would happen to break up the monotony.  And when things do start happening, it's not the typical ghostly shenanigans I expected, but the "mess with your mind until you think every is crazy, including yourself" variety, which is much less fun. In the end, this movie was more annoying than scary, si it definitely wasn't as good as I'd hoped.

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