Wednesday, October 19, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #58: "The Damned"

OK, I'm really not sure what to think if this one. Netflix predicts I'll give it three stars, bug it has a rotten tomatoes score if only 9% (yes, out if a hundred) and then some sources I tryst have said both "this is good" and "gid this sucks." Guess we'll see.

So the descriptions of this movie say conflicting things, which tells me there's a twist and it ends up being about something other than what it wants us to think it's about. I can see this is the first ten minutes when the lead character us talking about how he doesn't want anyone to find out about his secret. Dude, what did you DO? There's supposed to be a DEMON in this movie, so whatever you did, it's bad. If you summoned this demon, I'll be so pissed at you. For shame.

Anyway, the basic description here is that this movie is that this guy who's a widower and his new fiancee get caught in a storm and trapped at an inn that houses an ancient evil. I hate it when that happens. Peter Facinelli plays the widower, and he's a fairly well known actors. I've seen him in several movies. The rest of the cast is unfamiliar to me, but they're good in their roles. Some of the other characters (one of whom is the guy's teenage daughter) keep hinting in some not so subtle ways that they don't think the new fiancee is as good as the guy's dead wife, which is kind of a dick thing to do, but soon petty concerns vanish as an accident in the storm leads them to the aforementioned cursed inn. An old man tries to warn them away, but people in these movies never listen.

Soon it becomes clear that very bad things are going on here, and the characters assume one thing, which I totally understand, but I worry it might way worse than they think (and I'm usually right about these things after watching hundreds of these movies). The movie actuallyhas some good tense moments and loads of creepy atmosphere. It really is messed up. I've seen similar stories before, but this one is well done enough to be spooky, messed- up fun. Definitely worth a watch.

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