Sunday, October 30, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #91: "The Last Exorcism part II"

The first movie surprised me. I heard mixed reviews about it, but I wound up loving it. I was pretty sure that the sequel wouldn't be as good, but I hoped I'd like it anyway. At least this is supposed to be a Dirct sequel to the original movie and it's not just a no-name exorcism movies that was slapped with this title to make money.

In this movie, Nell from the first film is found with no memory of the events of the last movie, and she's sent to live in a group home, but it seems the demon Abalam from the first movie isn't done with her yet. It's actually kinda sad seeing the trying to build a new life and being happy, knowing that it probably isn't going to work out for her.

That's the problem, though. Everything takes way too long to happen, so the movie gets kind of monotonous. There are some scenes that are supposed to be spooky, but the demon is content mostly to glare at Nell and try to lecture her. Whereas the original movie had the found footage aspect going for it and making it more real, this one is just a regular movie, so instead of feeling tense with anticipation when nothing is happening, I just felt bored. Boo. I mean, once the demonic/ exorcism action starts it dies get good, but it took too long to happen for my taste.

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