Monday, October 31, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #95: "Don't Look in the Basement 2"

I figured that since I finally got around to watching the original movie, I might as well watch the sequel too while I'm at it. This looks even more ultra low budget than the original movie, if that's possible, but it was made by fans of the original, so I decided to give it a chance even though the ratings were pretty low (IMDB only gives it 3.9/10 stars...yikes!)

This movie takes place 30 years after the original movie, but the opening sequence occurs the next day, and I appreciate how they got lookalike actors and dressed them in similar clothes to match the ending of the original. We move into the present day, and we're in another sanitarium, where events are about to happen that mirror the bloodbath from the original movie. The acting isn't terrible, even though it is obviously low budget. I've seen far worse.

The doctors in this movie seem smarter than the ones in the first movie, not that there's much of a contest there. The nurse is way better, at least. Sam from the first movie is coming into this asylum as a new patient, and the actor who plays him isn't bad either. This movie drags, too, just like the first one did. Guys, you don't have to copy EVERYTHING from the original. Jeeze. But like the first one, once things get going, they get bloody and nasty. I actually enjoyed this one more than I thought I would.

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