Tuesday, October 18, 2016

2016 October Horror Challenge #54: "Last Shift"

The plot of this movie reminds me of a movie I watched last year that I really liked. It was called "Let Us Prey," and if this movie is half as good as that one was, it will make for a good watch. Here's hoping. This movie seems to have gotten some bad reviews, but that's never a good indicator of whether I'll like it or not. The poster is cool.

This movie is about a rookie cop who reports for her first shift at a creep, almost empty police station that is about to be closed down the next day. She is on her own all night, and the atmosphere is really eerie. I like the actress who plays the cop, too, which is a plus. She's much better than the actors in these movies tend to be.

The idea behind this movie is that something evil lurks in the building. Supposedly all emergency calls have been rerouted to other stations, so all she has to do is babysit the building until morning, but she gets creepy calls and other weird things happen that keep her on edge even before she has an idea what might be going on.

Things do get really creepy here, too. There appears to be a break in, but she can't seem to find the suspect as he keeps appearing and disappearing. There's a rotting Snell and black goop on the walls in some of the rooms, there seem to be cryptic messages written throughout the station. Not much makes sense, and she begins to question her sanity. There seem to be some connectionsto the past and the cop's family, and things just keep getting creepier until something's gotta give. It's a good setup and it works, but then it just...all falls apart. I'm not sure where they thought they were going with this, but the ending is just stupid. I don't know. It was a letdown, because there's a lot of good here, but in the end this movie is a big disappointment.

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