Saturday, October 31, 2015

2015 October Horror Challenge #91 "Scary Movie 5"

These movies are ridiculously stupid, but I love them anyway.  The fourth one is my favorite, but I heard really bad things about this one, so I prepared for the worst. Typically, these movies pick one movie to mock as the main plot of the movie, and then they throw in references to other movies along the way.  This movie's main plot followed the movie "Mama" and also a great majority of "Paranormal Activity 2" and it threw in a lot of references to Black Swan and the Evil Dead remake as well as a lot of others.

I gotta say, I didn't find this one as funny as part four, but a lot of the references to "Mana" were funny, and I cracked up at the references to the Evil Dead remake as well.  The ending of the movie was kinda stupid and not all that funny, but there was some good stuff here that made it worth a watch.

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