Monday, October 26, 2015

2015 October Horror Challenge #71 "Evidence"

The plot of this movie intrigued me.  It takes the idea of s "found footage" movie a little more literally.  A murder has happened, a lot of people are dead, the one survivor is in a coma, and the police have to piece together the truth from all the video collected from the cell phones and other devices at the scene.  I love it!  I think found footage films are cool, so I had high hopes for this movie.

Further Raising my hopes, I also really like Rada Mitchell and Stephen Moyer, who play the main characters in this movie, the two cops who have to piece together the footage and figure out what happened.  There's an episode of the Batman cartoon series that was popular in the 90s.  The episode was called "POV," which was about a crime rhat happened and the story is told after the fact by srveral different witnesses, and it was the first show I ever remember watching that made me consider how different people's opinions and views might shape their perception of events.  That episode is responsible for my obsession with movies like this.  When in doubt, blame Batman.

The movie is pretty cool. The actors are all pretty good, and the story is creepy.  There are some genuinely scary moments here, which impressed me.  There is a sense that it's kind of silly for the characters to keep filming even after everything that happens.  The movie tries to explain it away, but the explanation leaves a lot to be desired.  The use of night vision camera from time to time is pretty cool, though, and it ratchets up the creep factor.   In the end, the good outweighed the bad, and I wound up enjoying this movie and I'm glad I checked it out.

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