Wednesday, October 7, 2015

2015 October Horror Challenge #20 "Baby Blues"

This is a movie that Netflix keeps recommending to me, and the movie poster is so creepy that I definitely wanted to see the movie, because I knew it would have imagery that creeped me out enough to make it worth watching, even if I didn't like the movie.  The premise is a good one, too: a pregnant woman finds a creepy doll in her new house, and when she gives birth to twins and one of them is stillborn, she becomes obsessed with the doll and believes it to be her dead baby.

It's a sad and spooky premise, the kind that makes for a good horror movie.  The movie has lots of nightmarish imagery, too: freak car crashes caused by demonic forces, possessed babies, a doll that comes to life-and the movie never explains if these are nightmares.  They seem to happen in the minds of various characters, not just the wife, but like I said, the movie never explains this, so the whole movie feels like a nightmarish fever dream at times.

The baby is really cute, and I felt bad for him having to sleep with that creepy doll while both his mom and dad seemed to be falling off the deep end.  The movie is definitely creepy enough that I can forgive its frequent lapses into incoherence.  It's certainly not for everyone.  More than just not liking ro read subtitles, US audiences have a tendency to be impatient with all the nightmarish imagery in a lot of Asian horror movies, which enhance the scariest but also don't make a lot of sense.  Maybe the inevitable US remake will have more of a coherent story and be easier to digest.

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