Tuesday, October 6, 2015

2015 October Horror Challenge #17 "We are What We are"

This movie is about a family of cannibals (ick) where the two daughters rebel against the family tradition of eating people (ew) and their father tries to get them to continue Tha family's traditions.  Damn kids, always thinking they know better than ma as pa Kettle (filled with dead people) (yuck).  Yeah, this movie sounds pretty stupid, is what I'm trying to say.  But it got lots of good reviews, and it's supposed to have a truly shocking twist emding, so I decided to cave and give it a chance.

First off, I get the idea that the whole "cannibal" thing is supposed to be a surprise, but then I wonder why every single description of the movie mentions it right away.  Some "twist."  The acting in this movie is very good.  I don't particularly like most of the characters, but the actors do a good job portraying them.  The idea behind the plot is gross and yucky, and with it beinthe worst kept secret twist ever, it got on my nerves.  I can think of at least ten ways they could have described the movie without revealing that aspect of the plot.  Sigh.

This movie is good, though, and the acting and even the music are quite good and add a lot to the story.  Having the family be old-fashioned religious fanatics who think God blesses them and wants them to chow down on other humans lends another level of creepiness to the plot (what bible do these weirdos read?)  While I do wonder how the family managed to survive do many years killing and eating people without anyone noticing (how many people do they have to kill a year?  Just one, on this "holidy" they call "lamb's day"?  Still, that's a lot of dead people for no one to notice after awhile... I  guess it's lucky that the people in this town are so unibservant) the idea is nasty enough and the plot well-executed enough for me to enjoy watching the movie, even if it's gross.  The fact that I've managed to fill three paragraphs with analysis tells me that this movie gave me a lot to think about.  Plus that ending...sheesh.  I admit, I thought this movie was great, and I never expected to like it.

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