Thursday, October 29, 2015

2015 October Horror Challenge #85 "Blood Glacier"

Here is a horror movie with a very real scientific component to it.  The climate change going on really is raising temperatures and melting the glaciers, like this movie shows.  The opening titles of the movie explain that this is happening and that it will change life on earth.  It's not totally out of the realm of possibility that melting what has been frozen for centuries could release ancient DNA and over time evolve creepy creatures like those found in this movie.  Nighty-nightmares!

The movie is about a brilliant researcher who is also a lone wolf who would prefer to work alone, but has to deal with a team of people working at a remote outpost.  One day, the researchers discover a glacier that is a strange red color and seems to have an unusual effect on the wildlife that surrounds it. Something also seems to be attacking animals around the glacier, and something attacks the researcher's dog. At first they blame a rabid fox, but it seems to be something much more serious.

The acting is good here.  I want to punch all the characters, but the actors did a good job portraying them.  The creature effects are good, too.  The movie kind of reminds me of John Carpenter's "The Thing," with the researchers trapped at a remote outpost with a terrifying creature, but those researchers were a lot smarter than those in this movie.  In that movie they realized right away that something was wrong, but here they keep saying everything's fine while they keep getting attacked by increasingly stranger creatures.  Sounds fine to me!  The movie is good, though, with an ending that is evocative of "Prophecy," another environmental horror flick.  I really enjoyed this one.

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