Thursday, October 1, 2015

2015 October Horror Challenge #6 "[REC]4 Apocalypse"

I have really enjoyed all the previous movies in this series.  I saw the first one after the trailers for the remake had already spoiled the story (no serioysly,v they spoil every damn thing that happens in the movie) so I was disappointed, but I still loved the movie.  I was skeptical about the sequel, but I actually think it might be better than the first, which is saying a lot.  The third one wasn't as great as the first two, bug it was still very good, so I was excited to see the final installment.

This movie starts out by connecting the previous three movies, and as it goes along, it introduces characters we will recognize from the previous entries in the series.  I was particularly excited to see one character and watch how that person advanced the plot here.  The basic story is that the military is holding any survivors of the virus in an area for quarantine, hoping to find a cure for the virus.  Things don't go well, and soon bloody mayhem ensues.

The movie again is a step down from the excellence of the first two films, but seeing as how I thought they were practically perfect, it would be difficult to continue.  The movie is still great, though.  I really liked some of the characters,  and even the ones I didn't like come in handy building on the story.  As I said before, there is some good gore here, and the virus is gooey and messy and creepy as ever.  There are a few things that weren't entirely clear to me plot wise, but they didn't keep me from enjoying the ride here.

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