Thursday, October 1, 2015

2015 October Horror Challenge #8 "VHS Viral"

I enjoyed the first two movies in this little trio.  I know people tend to have strong feelings about which installments suck in each film and which is the best, but I pretty much like them all.  People told me that this movie was the worst of the bunch, but I was still pretty excited to see it.

These movies take the form of anthology horror flicks, with each little home movie serving as a horror story within the anthology.  They wete pretty diverse, featuring zombies, aliens, haunted houses, and other horrors.  This flick is chopper than the others, and the stories aren't as focused as the ones in "VHS" and "VHS 2."  It still had some creepy scenes and some good gore, but the plot was lacking.
I've heard people mock these movies by saying they are like watching other people's home videos, and I would agree, except I mean it in a good way, since I don't mind watching other people's home movies, as long as something happens in them.  Most people only make a home movie if something important to them is going to happen (birthday party, prom, wedding, etc).  The problem here is that not much actually happens.  The stories in this movie are a lot less "home movies" and more "we took a bunch of drugs and then  passed the camera around," so it doesn't work as well for me.  If you liked the first two movies, you'll probably want to check it out anyway.  Don't expect too much.

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