Thursday, October 29, 2015

2015 October Horror Challenge #89 "Phobia"

I've been wanting to see this movie for a long time. Ever since I saw the poster on Facebook last year with the spiders crawling all over a guy's face (ew) I was pretty sure that I was going to love this movie.  It's about an agoraphobic guy, terrified to leave his house, who becomes convinced he's being haunted by his dead wife.

It's a sad story.  Agoraphobia has different causes, but in this guy's case, it happened after a traumatic event.  His wife died after leaving the house, therefore he sees the house as safe and the outside world as dangerous.  Haunted house movies always trade on the idea that home is a sanctuary and it's being invaded and violated by hostile intruders, but that's even more prevalent in this movie, where home is literally the only place he feels safe, so it's extra horrific for him when that space is invaded by a spirit.

Or a bunch of spirits, to be more precise.  He sees lots of different creepy visions of people, alive and dead, taunting him, trying to kill him.  The annoyong vocal effect they all have that distorts their speech grates on my nerves, but the visions themselves are creepy.  The movie drags for awhile near the end, taking way too long to get to it's point, but it's still a pretty cool movie for the most part.  I totally called the ending, though.  I've seen too many horror movies.

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