Monday, October 12, 2015

2015 October Horror Challenge #33 "The Pact 2"

Unlike everyone else in the known universe apparently, I liked the first of these movies, "The Pact," when I watched it for last year's horror chsllenge.  It wasn't the pinnacle if cinematic greatness or anything, but it was an enjoyable killer/supernatural /mystery mashup.  Given my like of the first movie, then, I was actually excited to see that the movie had a sequel I could watch for this challenge.

The first movie had a strong message about family sticking together and loving each other and helping each other.  The sisters in the first movie stuck together despite their crap childhood, and their bond and their love was a strong contrast to all the Evil going on in that movie.  With this movie, there's no sisterly bond, just a troubled mother-daughter relationship, but the main character does have a good boyfriend who looks out for her, which is nice.

The story is a little confusing at first until i figured out how it fit together.  Once i got it, the plot isnt overly complicated, just as in the first movie.  We have some family secrets buried here, as well as some troubling dreams that may or may not indicate a psychic connection with a serial killer (yikes!)  I also like Camilla Ludington, the actress who plays the main character, so I enjoyed seeing her in this movie.  As with the original, I seem to be the only person who likes this movie.  It's flawed, but still intriguing enough to keep my interest.

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