Wednesday, October 28, 2015

2012 October Horror Challenge #78 "The Frozen"

I tend to enjoy movies that take place in winter.  Something about the snow swirling around makes the setting feel even more isolated.  I remember a few winters, as a kid, living way out in the boonies, walking home through a whiteout snowstorm, having to walk single file and hold the hand of the person in front and behind you because you couldn't see anything through the clouds of snow.  It's chilling (pun intended) and it makes horror movies scarier to me.

This movie is about a young couple who decide to go camping in the mountains during winter (great idea, dumbasses) and they find themselves being stalked by a silent killer.  I like the couple.  They're idiots, but that's to be expected in a horror movie, and they seemed really in love.  The girl, Emma, doesn't want to go camping in the sub-zero wilderness (clearly she's the brains in the relationship) but she lets her boyfriend,  Mike, convince her.  Soon they're seeing ghostly visions and dealing with other strange events, but they're stranded with no way to get help.  Whoops.

It turns out the couple don't have the perfect relationship, and the dangers in the woods are worse than their worst expectations.  I wound up not liking Mike much as a character, but I thought Emma was a solid character, and she carries the movie.  The movie does drag a little in the middle, but it gets better.  There's some really creepy stuff here, too.  The movie winds up being a good way to kill an hour and a half.

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