Monday, October 26, 2015

2015 October Horror Challenge #68 "Killer Mermaid"

Here is a movie that promises to be a little different, which would be welcome.  It's about some young nubile things on a vacation where the discover the lair of (you guessed it) a killer mermaid.  Now it would seem to me that someone involved with making this movie might want to retain some mystery surrounding the plot, so it wasn't the greatest idea to have the title spoil the twist.  Looking around the web, I see that t his movie was originally called "Nymph," and it might have been better to stick with that title.

Why do all these movies seem to feature drama from people who used to date or hooked up and then decided it would be s great idea to go on vacation together? And then they fight the whole time?   The last thing I want on my dream vacation is a bunch of drama.  I honestly don't really like any of these charactets, so I kinda Hoped they'd get dispatched by the killer mermaid before they had a chance to annoy me too much.  Unfortunately, after a cool opening, nothing much happens for over half an hour.  Usually that's when all the character development happens, but when you don't like the characters, that can be annoying.

At least the old guy that gives a warning no one listens to is kind of cool.  And once the action gets gojng, the movie gets better.  There's a lot of tension and the characters have less time to be annoying when they're fighting to survive.  The movie is gorgeous, too.  The scenery, the island and the water are beautiful.  The reveal of the titular mermaid is cool and well done, too.  It has the feel of a creepy old legend told around a campfire.  I ended up really liking this movie by the end.   I hear there's a sequel.  Bring on Killer Mermaid 2!

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