Monday, October 26, 2015

2015 October Horror Challenge #67 "13/13/13"

I suppose it's my own fault if this movie sucks.  It looks bad, yes, but I'll admit that sometimes I like watching bad horror movies, and even some of the movies The Asylum makes can be fun, even if everyone else hates them.  "The Asylum" is a bottom feeding movie studio known for releasing what they call "mockbusters," which are direct to DVD ripoff movies intended to cash in on popular flicks in theaters.  When "Snakes on a Plane" was in theaters, Asylum released "Snakes on a Train."  When "Transformers" was in theaters, Asylum released "Transmorphers," and so on.

As for "13/13/13," it's a continuation of the story from "11/11/11" which was released when the big studio "11/11/11" movie was in theaters (both were terrible movies about evil little kids and  how the world will end on the date 11/11/11).  After "11/11/11" made them some money, Asylum released a sequel, "12/12/12," and now I guess they're continuing the story of evil kids with "13/13/13."

Since that doesn't exist as a real date on the calendar, the movie spouts some mombo-jumbo about how the Myan calendar us different than ours, and this date is 13/13/13 on the Myan calendar...oh who cares.  Basically this movie is about how everyone on earth goes crazy abd starts killing people, except for those who were born on a leap year, who are left to deal with a world of people gone crazy.

The acting is pretty bad, even from actors who have done better in other movies, but there's some ok gore.  The story is silly, but I kind of expected that from a movie called "13/13/13."  I wonder if this movie made them enough money for us to see "14/14/14" or "15/15/15" or something in the future?  I hope not.  This movie is bad and you can safely skip it.  Some of The Asylum's movies are ok, but this isn't one of them.

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