Friday, October 16, 2015

2015 October Horror Challenge #47 "In Fear"

I decided to switch things up this time and watch a movie that actually got good reviews.  I have enjoyed most of the movies I've watched for this challenge, though, even the ones with terrible reviews, do I have high expectations for this rarest of creatures, a horror movie that got high marks from pretty much everyone.  The problem with expectations, though, is that you can be let down if the movie doesn't meet them.  The biggest disappointment fir me this Challenge was a horror movie that everyone else liked that I didn't think was as good or as clever as it seemed to think it was.  If this movie is bad, I'm gonna write a strongly - worded letter, I swear to God.

The acting is good in this movie.  I enjoyed watching the new couple, Tom and Lucy, awkwardly fumble around, getting to know each other.  I'm not being sarcastic, either.  It's charming and endearing.  To give them further credit, they realize almost right away that something is wrong when they take a dark, creepy road on their way to a music festival.  They're not like the horror movie characters who take hours and several violent deaths to realize that something bad is happening.

Of course, since they really don't know each other that well, once things start to go from bad to worse, they get snappy with each other.   In Lucy's defense, Tom does seem to be dismissing every one of her fears and not wanting to listen to her when she tries to tell him that there's something out in the darkness, watching them.  He seems to think the fact that theyre lost is their only real problem and shes overreacting and imagining the rest.  When things start to get even creepier, and he keeps acting like a jerk, I did kind of want to smack him.  Knock off the attitude, Mr Testosterone,  it's not helping anything.

There was a really good jump scare that got to me.  I can usually see those coming, but this one blindsided me, and that was fun.  The movie gets a bit tedious once we know what's going on and we wait for something to happen to end things, but it's still a pretty decent movie.  It really utilizes the darkness and the remote setting to its advantage to freak you out.

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