Tuesday, October 27, 2015

2015 October Horror Challenge #75 "The Perfect Host"

I really like David Hyde Pierce.  I mean, I don't know him personally or anything, so if he's a big jerk and likes to kick puppies in his spare time, I don't know, but as an actor, I usually like him in things.  I liked the character of Nigel in the show "Frasier," and he voices a character in my favorite Disney movie, "A Bug's Life."  He usually plays a likeable character thougj, when I've seen him, so I wasn't sure how he'd do in this movie, where he plays a psycho.  I've always liked Stanley Tucci too, and seeing him play an evil character in "The Lovely Bones" really got under my skin.

He's really creepy.  I mean, at first he's all ramble and charming, but I had an idea what was coming, so I was on edge, waiting to see what happens.  The story here is that a man escaping from the scene of a robbery stumbles into a house and pretends to be a friend of a friend.  Unluckily for our bad guy, the owner of the house is creepy David Hyde Pierce, who winds up not being as kind and easygoing as he at first appears to be.

The movie is a little disorienting.  It jumps around s little, showing us what's happening now from two different perspectives, that of Warwick, David Hyde Pierce's character, and John, the robber.  The movie also shows us what led up to John deciding to commit the robbery, and also showing us the police investigating the tobbery.  Warwick's perspective is skewed, of course, which makes things off-kilter and creepy.  The acting is all good here, the story is solid and engaging, and the ending is great.  I really enjoyed this one.

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